Some of what you are looking for can be found in a good field guide such as 
Sibley, National Geographic, or Peterson. A good basic intro to some terms 
can also be found in Sibley's Birding Basics, or another introductory 
birding book.

As with any specialized field, you would just have to get access to an 
ornithology textbook for a lot of the terminology. Good ones that are in 
print include the textbook by Frank B. Gill, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology 
Handbook of Bird Biology, or the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ornithology. 
There are other good ones, but these should be generally accessible in 
libraries or bookstores.

----Bill Eddleman, Cape Girardeau

At 08:39 PM 5/3/2008 -0400, John Hitzeman wrote:
>Having recently spent several hours "Googling" around, I have come
>up empty handed ('Seems like there should be something about a
>"bird in hand" there, somewhere), looking for a Glossary of Words
>related to the "Bird World".
>For example, before joining this list, I had no idea there was such
>a word as "lek", or "lekking". It is easy to find the definition for that,
>it took less than a minute.
>However, if one wanted to describe the growth stages of a particular
>bird, for example; hatchling, fledgling, juvenile, adult, etc., how would
>one know that they had used all the correct terms/words to describe
>the age(s) of a particular species?
>Would there be differences in those terms between, for example,
>hawks versus buntings? I mean "hawklets" isn't a word, is it?
>Then maybe you would have "buntlets" or just "little buns"?*
>Then there are all of the words used to describes groups of varying
>size (numbers) and/or species.
>You can find words like "flock" and "clutch" in the dictionary, but I
>assume there are words used to describe "groups" of different
>species, as in a "gaggle" of geese.
>With amphibians, could you have a small group of tadpoles and
>say "I have a tad of tadpoles" -- 'sorry. ;o) *
>It's easy to find a definition of any word if you already know the
>word, But, this is like coming at it the opposite way, where you
>need a word, but don't know what it is. A Thesaurus doesn't work,
>and I lost my Taxonomic Keys years ago, not that they would help
>in more "common" word usage.
>I hope I've been clear enough in the explanation of my dilemma.
>John Hitzeman
>*Disclaimer: These are serious questions, but I just can't help injecting a
>                  little humor -- I'm not meaning to sound disrespectful 
> to the
>                 group, or any of its members.
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