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Subject: CFP: Tribal Fantasies

Tribal Fantasies:
Native Americans in the European Imagination 1900-present
This collection aims to investigate European re-imaginings of Indigenous American peoples and cultures in the last century.[1]  We invite abstracts of 250-350 words on any such re-imagining, including (but by no means restricted to):
                     Images of the Native in 20th century philosophy
                     Depictions of tribal/indigenous culture and/or religion in European literature, art and film
                     "American Indian hobbyist" movements
                     Use of tribal/indigenous imagery in political movements
                     The Ostern / Red Western
                     The influence of tribal/indigenous design on European fashion
                     Native American cartoons
                     Native Americans as symbol of American hegemony
                     Native Americans as symbol of resistance to American hegemony
                     The New Age industry
                     Tribal rhythms in popular music
The history of European appropriation of Indigenous lands and cultures in the Americas is long and frequently bloody.  In the twentieth century, however, as European countries ceased to have formal colonial interests in the Americas, so direct contact between Native and European largely ceased. But the image of the Native American, as much a product of the colonial imagination as any deep understanding of the disparate indigenous cultures of the Americas, has proved enduring.
We welcome contributions from all European countries and would be particularly interested in transnational or trans-European articles.
Essays will be 6,000-8,000 words, referenced MLA endnote style.
Please send abstracts to both James Mackay at [log in to unmask] and David Stirrup at [log in to unmask], by Monday, September 29th, 2008.
James Mackay
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[1] Including Native American, First Nations, Native Hawai'ian, Inuit, and South American tribal peoples.

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