My softball game in Tower Grove Park was cancelled last night because
the field looked more like waterfowl habitat than softball-player
habitat. But it did give me my first chance this spring to see what's
coming through the park.


Tower Grove Park, St. Louis City, 5-6:30PM Thursday.



Stable area:

10 Rose-Breasted Grosbeak in treetop at sunset. 8 male, 2 female. What a

Heard Rusty Blackbird call, but couldn't pick it out of the tree.
Starling, perhaps?

Ruby-crowned Kinglet.


Jack's pond area:

7+ Palm Warbler, feeding in the clover near the stream, with... 

at least a dozen Swamp Sparrow.

Common Yellowthroat across the road.

2 Yellow-rumped Warbler.

3 Hermit Thrush.

Brown Creeper.

House Wren.


And the usual suspects. Quite a few juv. Mouring Doves seen on ground.


Didn't make it to the bubbler.


David Scheu

St. Louis, MO

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