White Alloe Creek CA 

Broad-winged Hawk--2 FOY
White-eyed Vireo--1 FOY
Orange-crowned Warbler--1
Nashville Warbler--1 FOY
Yellow-rumped Warblers--5

Pair of Broad-winged Hawks observed mating on a limb high in a tree. I spotted 
one of them up in the tree. Kept watching. Another flew in and they did their 
little 'dance,' if you will. Short and sweet. Male flew off. Female flew off about 
5 minutes later. At least one Broad-winged Hawk was in this CA last summer. 

Platte County pond

Spotted Sandpiper--1
Solitary Sandpiper--1

I, too, observed a group of Yellow-rumps (10) feeding in a gravel road with 
Chipping Sparrows this past weekend. Not the bird I expected to see in the 

Good late-April Birding!
Laura Gilchrist
Kansas City, MO
Platte County
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