Hello Everyone,

One of our fellow Columbia Audubon members, Troy
Gordon, passed away on Friday.  Troy was the
chairperson of Friends of Big Muddy, and was tireless
in his involvement with their projects as well as his
own.  One of his projects was hummingbird banding, and
I believe he reached a 10 year mark of collecting data
on hummbingbirds in his own backyard.  

If you would like to send condolences you may send
them to his wife, Janine, at 9705 N. Rt. E, Hartsburg,
MO 65256.  Funeral services or a memorial have not yet
been finalized, but once they are I will send the
details to everyone.  Please keep his wife and
daughters in your thoughts.  Thank you.

Vanessa Melton
New Franklin, MO
Howard County

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