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* Missouri
* Statewide
* 24 April 2008
* MOST0804.24
- Species Mentioned
Long-tailed Duck
White-Faced Ibis
American Avocet
MEW GULL (Potential 1st state record)
Pileated Woodpecker

Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler:  Joshua Uffman
E-mail:  [log in to unmask]
Compiled:  24 April 2008
This is the Thursday, April 24, 2008 Missouri Rare
Bird Alert, a statewide service of the Audubon Society
of Missouri, serving the birding community of Missouri
since 1901. The bird alert is compiled from reports
submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout
the state.
** NOTE: The report includes birds that are listed as
rare, casual, or accidental on the August 2007
Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds.  Species that
appear in ALL CAPS in the "Species Mentioned" section
are listed as "casual" or "accidental" and thus
require documentation. (Note that some birds may be
considered rare only during a particular season or in
a particular part of the state.) The Missouri
checklist can be accessed at: **


A potential first state record MEW GULL (first-cycle)
was found by Doug Willis on Friday, April 18, at
Smithville Lake’s Little Platte Marina (Clay Co.).  A
map of Smithville Lake can be found here: .  On the
map you'll find Little Platte Marina is marked with a
boat anchor icon in "Little Platte Park" on the west
side of the lake.  The bird was perching on the
uncovered boat slips at the south end of the marina
and was still present there on Saturday morning, April
19.  However, on Sunday, April 20, the bird was
observed at Access #15.  To reach access #15, take Hwy
W to Hwy J.  Next, take the second left off Hwy J (a
short road) and go approximately 1/4 mile.  At the
intersection continue straight to Access #15 as marked
on the Corps of Engineers map.  At Access #15 you can
walk through a stubble field due north to the lake,
about a 3/4 mile walk.  Later in the week, Wednesday,
April 23, Doug found the MEW GULL at the Little Platte
swim beach amongst Ring-billed Gulls.

Also at Smithville Lake, Kristi and Adrian Mayo
observed 12 AMERICAN AVOCETS on Tuesday, April 22.  

On Wednesday, April 23, David Easterla observed a
single LONG-TAILED DUCK at Mozingo Lake (Nodaway Co.).

On Wednesday, April 23, Larry Lade reported 18 ibis
were at Horseshoe Lake (Buchanan Co.), of which at
least one was a GLOSSY IBIS.  On Thursday, April 24,
the GLOSSY IBIS was still present with 15 WHITE-FACED
WHITE-FACED IBIS continue to be observed at Squaw
Creek NWR (Holt Co.) with Tommie Rogers and Peter
Kondrashov observing a single WHITE-FACED IBIS on
Wednesday, April 23.  In addition, they observed a
single PILEATED WOODPECKER in the Northern Woods

Later the same day, Peter Kondrashov observed 2
WHITE-FACED IBIS from the blind at the end of the
boardwalk at Bob Brown CA (Holt Co.).  


Anne Downing found a single WHITE-FACED IBIS along the
first one-way loop at Eagle Bluffs CA (Boone Co.) on
Saturday, April 19.  While on Monday, April 21, Edge
Wade reported seeing 3 WHITE-FACED IBIS at Pool 2.  At
least 2 WHITE-FACED IBIS were still present in Pool 11
on Tuesday, April 22.


Patrick and Connor Harrison observed 2 PINE WARBLERS
in the pines next to the Paris Access, just north of
Paris (Monroe Co.) on Friday, April 18.

Information regarding membership in the Audubon
Society of Missouri may be obtained from June Newman,
Membership Chair, at 660-542-0873, Joyce Bathke,
Treasurer, at 573-445-5758, or at the Audubon Society
of Missouri webpage:

Joshua Uffman
MO Rare Bird Alert Compiler
St. Louis County, MO
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