Yeah, Linda Williams was unfashionably late to that party.  Nice to see 
Jonathan got photos of the first bird - the real Mew!  I didn't even notice 
the muddy appearance of the "unnamed" birder.  I did, however, notice all 
the big patches of blooming pussytoes (Antennaria sp.) on the way down to 
the water - a nice larval host plant for American Lady butterflies.

I added a few comparison head shots of the gulls to the Ring-billed page.

My Lincoln's Sparrow is still visiting my backyard!  December 10 to present. 
I had a beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler in the yard yesterday.

Linda Williams
Liberty, Clay County, MO
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Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 8:51 AM
Subject: Re: Weekend Mewsings

>I would only make one slight correction to Laura's narrative ---  Linda
> Williams was not present, nor did she get photos of the bird we watched 
> fly
> in and were all hooping and hollering about.  That bird eventually flew
> around the bend again;  and later another bird returned and landed 
> directly
> behind a Ring-billed Gull.  There was some speculation it might be the Mew
> Gull returning for the third time; but no one could get a definitive view 
> of
> it because of its position relative to the other gulls.  Jonathan went
> around the corner to try to get photos of the second bird;  we started 
> back
> up toward the car, and met Linda Williams on the way down the hill.  On
> Sunday, she only got photos of the "hidden" second gull which indeed 
> turned
> out to be a Ring-billed - her photos on Sunday were not of the earlier
> sighting that all present (better gullers than me included) felt was the 
> Mew
> Gull.
> Regarding the muddy appearance of one Columbia birder --- well, let's just
> say in the her haste to get down to the lake, "someone" had a hidden piece
> of barb wire fencing reach up and grab her pant leg and flipped her
> unceremoniously face-first, spread-eagle onto the muddy corn field.  A
> rather rude baptism for my brand new binoculars out on their first chase!
> Bounced up and kept on going.
> Jean Leonatti
> Boone County
> Columbia, MO
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