First, a huge Thank You to Linda Williams for coming out and getting  
spectacular photos of a gull that was driving me a little more  
bonkers than usual.  Kinda looked like a Herring, but was odd.   
Linda's shots of it flying showed just how raggedy it is--really  
missing a lot of feathers.

Thank you, Linda.

Overall, the day was interesting, but slow.

I walked to Access 15 twice (just so I can picture the place in my  
head while so many of you relate the joys of a new state bird).

Drove around the lake.

Found Steve Dilks with scope set up where mine had been a half hour  
before, looking at gulls at Little Platte Marina.
(My, what a spiffy Nancy Leo binocular strap he has!)

Steve and I leap-frogged around the lake, keeping in touch by phone.   
No Mew Gull.

For the day, there were several newly-arrived Eastern Kingbirds (one  
chasing a crow), one Palm Warbler, and one Broad-winged Hawk near the  
entrance to Little Platte.

One really bad squall as I headed home--30 minutes with wipers on  
full blast, two rounds of hail.

Ahh, spring in Missouri.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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