Hi Chris,

About a year ago, there was an article on the internet relative
a study that had been done, and it was determined that Mockingbirds
had actually developed/use syntax.

I book marked the article and went back to look at it again, but all I 
was a 404 Error (Not a lot of syntax in that message). <G>

Somebody on the list may know more about that.

When I was a kid (mid-1950's) my family moved from Webster Groves
to Chesterfield, which was nothing but fields and woods. St. Louisans
over 45 may recall that.

I remember being awakened on full-moon nights by several Mockingbirds
singing, and the smell of Honeysuckle and fresh cut alfalfa blowing 
the windows. What more could a little kid ask for?

To this day, their "mocking" fascinates me, also.

And, their "antics" are fun to watch, too.

John Hitzeman
Troy, MO

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Sleeping in this morning, I was awakened by our resident Mocker belting 
away it
chorus of phrases just outside our bedroom window.

As I lay there listening, I was able to identify several renditions of 
phrases taken from other species: Carolina Chickadee, Bluejay, 
White-eyed Vireo
among its normal repeated Chat-like phrases all heard by this 
individual before.
Then it surprised me with two new ones: a fabulous dead-on Killdeer 
and then the "pick-a-tuck" of the Summer Tanager.

These guys are known to mimic car alarms in metropolitan areas . . . I 
marvel at
there vocal skills, and yes, I understand that they aren't even 
masters of the art of mimicry.

Just thought I'd share.

Good Birding to all!
Chris Barrigar

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