In spite of the price of gas, and my poor luck historically chasing Black-necked Stilts, I went over to Columbia Bottoms and ... struck out.

I did find a new plummage (for me) - a first year Blue Grosbeak, with only the feathers near the base of the bill blue (think Cardinal Black, same configuration), the head was orangish/brown, the rest of the body very brown and the wing-bar cinnamon, and bright.  Great looking bird, molting.
I had another FOY bird: Lincoln's Sparrow.  7 Solitary Sandpipers, including a pair that I interrupted what looked like mating.  

I have been getting my fix by walking the local trail near the house; I report what I find here:

Good Birding
Severe thunderstorm right now-good birding tomorrow?
Dave Rogles
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St. Charles Co.

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