Greetings, MO birders.  Several weeks ago, we discovered a Carolina Wren
nest in a very protected spot under our deck (which is at a second-floor
level from the ground).  My husband installed a little "spy cam" under the
deck, aiming at the nest, and we can watch the activity in real time on our
TV. The nest is built like a cave, but we can see the opening easily.  The
picture's a little fuzzy, and it's black and white,  but we can see Mom
sitting on the nest, and when she leaves, we can see at least two
babies....mostly their gaping mouths.....  It's fun to watch parents bring
tasty snacks to the babies.

My backyard is full of perennial plants.  Normally, I cut everything back in
the fall, but last year, I decided to leave everything out there until
spring.  Some of the dead leaves have ended up in the Wren nest as well asin
a Robin nest near my neighbor's downspout.

Spring is so much fun!

Susan Eaton
Kirkwood, St. Louis CO., MO
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