Began the day at 6:00 am with a Barred Owl that flew into a large white oak in the back.  It was quickly detected  by two Blue Jays who dive-bomed it several times before it flew south.

E. Phoebe continues to be in the yard, either flycatching in the swampy area or over the pond.

I had nice looks at my FOY N. PARULA WARBLER this morning, around 10 am.  It was in the sugar maple that overhangs the pond, which makes for sp. #26 there.

I also observed 2 Pine Siskins in a quick copulation maneuver, then they returned to the sock feeder.  Had 3 of them at the feeder on Monday.

Two Red-breasted Nuthatches continue at the peanut feeder.


Yellow-rumped Warbler - male  (first observed on Monday, female yesterday)
Hairy WP female
Am. Crow -2
Canada Geese flyover
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Brown-headed Cowbirds - 2 males pursuing a female
Red-bellied WP male
N. Flicker female
Am. Goldfinch- 3
Cooper's Hawk- 2 circling over the area
White-throated sparrows - one keeps singing a new song, "Here comes the bridey-bridey-bride!"

for 26 sp. so far today

There were 4 eggs in each nest this morning, but a little while ago, only 2 now in the Robin's nest.  Hmmm...

Margy Terpstra
Kirkwood, St. Louis County, MO
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