John (and all),

The question marks are substitutes for characters in your email that
aren't compatible with plain text email systems like MOBirds-L. These
characters are not found on your keyboard, but are inserted
automatically by helpful email programs to pretty up your email.
Examples are open and close quotes, long dashes, ellipsis characters,
and letters with diacritical marks.

You can prevent the question marks by composing your email in plain
text. In AOL I believe you must uncheck the "Use Rich Text/HTML" box,
found under Settings - Compose.

David Scheu
MOBirds-L list co-owner
St. Louis, MO
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Subject: Question Marks on last post ---

If my list came through with a bunch of question marks,
I apologize.

It seems to be an AOL "Peculiarity" which happens once in
awhile. I have no idea why ----- ???

It's annoying, when you spend time to make sure everything 
looks just right, then the ozone fairies mess it up -- oh well.

John H.
Troy, MO

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