Dear MoBirders,

I Apologize for the delay in getting my Photos up, but I was a little 
Discouraged by Linda Williams Incredible Photos and her Conclusions, as I Saw 
What She Saw... A RING-BILLED GULL... 

Then Jean Leonatti Reminded me that the First Gull that I took Photos of was 
the one that was ID'd as the MEW GULL and the Second one was Behind the 
other Gulls and wasn't Positively ID'd... So I went back to Look at my First 
Photos, and I have to admit, it is Definitely a Compleately Different Gull than 
the Second one... 

So, if you would like to see my Poor Attempt to Photograph an Exciting Gull (a 
400mm Lens can Only do So Much at that Distance...), Please go to:

Look at the Top in:  "Possible MEW GULL Photos"

As you will see the Photo Quality isn't Great (I had to Crop the Image Quite a 
bit to get what little Detail that I got...), Sorry that I couldn't get a Better 
Photo for you Guys... Anyway, there are some Field Markings that may, or 
may not, be what we're Hoping for... Hopefully, my Photos will Reveal enough 
of them to Help with our ID... Thank You for Looking, I Look Forward to 
Hearing what Everyone Thinks...!!! Please Take Care.

Jonathan B. Pons
Boonville, Cooper County, Missouri

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