I mentioned to Margy last week I don't usually post unless I see something out 
of the ordinary.  She encouraged me to post anyway. 

I have birders coming from Canada later in the week so I'm out scouting 
the "good birds" today. tomorrow and Wednesday.  It dawned on me that I 
really rely heavily on all the local postings and that regardless what people are 
seeing, I'm interested.  Now I'm especially interested in what people are 
seeing and where they are seeing it since I have company coming and I only 
have an hour or so to bird until company arrives.

So, I'll go ahead and start posting, even if was just a pleasant day out of the 

Made a fairly quick trip down the Chubb Trail to the Castlewood Loop and back 
this morning about 8 am.  With the exception of lots of vocalizing W E Vireos 
(and some of the other common species like Titmice & Cardinals), it was fairly 

Best birds seen: Kentucky Warbler (several), a Turkey (dashing down the trail 
like it knew that Turkey Season has just started), a Summer Tanager and Red-
headed Woodpecker.

I heard Yellow-throated Warblers and a couple of Parulas, but the only other 
warbler I saw was a Yellow-Rumped.  Did not come across any Worm-eating 

Total species seen and heard - 34 (most were all of the common birds one 

Marc Lund
St. Louis County

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