Hi Mobirders,

Following is the record of visitors in the backyard this past
week on the west edge of Troy, MO..

We still have Juncos and large numbers of Pine Siskins,
mixed in with the birds you'd expect to see, this time
of year.

I counted at least?fifteen Chipping Sparrows on the ground
Sunday afternoon, and I know I missed at least another
ten, or so, that were in trees and on feeders.

Mid-week, a Turkey Vulture was just floating in the heavy
winds and slowly passed right over the back yard about 
20 - 25 feet in the air. He was around long enough for me to 
grab a number of close-up shots with my 400 mm lens.

He now has a page of his own on my site. ;o)

The Red-bellied Woodpeckers have been providing entertainment
by taking seeds and suet from the feeders, then carrying it up
to place it in a hole on the side of a telephone pole. They've
really been packing it in there.

The House and Purple Finches have been feeding one another
as they get ready for "courting" -- is that right?

Finally, I've added a number of photos and several new pages
to my web site;

So, please stop by, take a look at the updates, plus click on the
photos of the Red-bellied WP and the Ruby Throated Hummingbird.

I haven't seen any hummers yet this year, so I put up a few
pictures of them from late last summer.

Following is this past week's list;


Amer. Goldfinch?????????????????????? 25+

Bluebird?????????????????????????????????? ? 6

Canada Geese????????????????????????? 12+

Cardinal?????????????????????????????????? ? 6+

Chipping Sparrow??????????????????? 20+ 

Common Grackle????? ?? ????????????30+????? 

Cowbird?????????????????????????????????? 10+

Downey Woodpecker????????????? ? 6+

Eastern Meadowlark??????????????? 15+

Great Blue Heron???????????????????? ? 2

House Finch???????????????????????????? 25+

House Sparrow??????????????????????? ? 8+

Juncos????????????????????????????????????? 20+


Mourning Dove??????????????????????? ? 8+

Pine Siskin???????????????????????????? ?? 20+

Purple Finch???????????????????????????? 15+

Red-bellied Woodpecker???????? ? 6+

Robin?????????????????????????????????????? 20+

RW Blackbird????????????????????????? 20+

Tree Swallow????????????????????????? ? ?8+

Turkey Vulture???????????? ????????? ??? 1

White Crowned Sparrow?????????? 6+

Happy and Safe Birding to all - 
John Hitzeman
Troy, MO

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