FINALLY heard and saw CERULEAN WARBLERS at Babler State Park, St. Louis co.
Jim and I had 2 males heard, one male seen/one prob. female seen by Jim.

"Usually spot" in the park.
Take Guy Park Rd. to north end of park where it turns left and becomes Wirth 
Road the birds are usually found just after this intersection between a MPH 
sign and "don't park on the grass" sign (north side of road)

We got reminded not to park in/on or remotely kissing the grass (we had two 
wheels off barely off the road) and were told to park "on the road".
Kinda' dangerous to be doing that with all the blind spots (curves, hills) 
AND the way some drive these roads like a raceway.


Good and CAREFUL birding,
Charlene Malone
St. L co. 

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