As of last Tuesday morning, the Pine Siskins were conspicuous by
their absence. But, they returned "en masse" this AM.

In the three years we've lived here, this past week has had the
largest number of Chipping Sparrows present. There have been
several times that I could count up to about 25 on the ground
and feeders, with probably a dozen more around the yard, on the
fence, etc.

Others around the past couple of days;

House Finch
BC Chickadee
Amer. Goldfinch
Purple Finch
DE Junco
WC Sparrows
House Sparrows
Blue Jay
Downy WP
Red-bellied WP
Eastern Meadowlark
RW Blackbird
Eur. Starling
Common Grackle
BH Cowbird
Amer. Crow
Turkey Vulture
RT Hawk
Amer. Robin
WB Nuthatch
Tree Swallow
Eastern Phoebe
Canada Goose
Mourning Dove

Everybody hope for Sun!!!!

John Hitzeman
Troy, Mo
Lincoln County
UPDATED - New Pages
BC Chickadee
RT Hummingbird (From 2007 - darn it!)
RB Woodpecker and more.

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