Mike Niles and I just returned from another birding trip with 5 more students and one other teacher.  All were pretty new to birding.  We started out again looking at the GBH heronry near school.  This time the nearby tom turkeys were not with the 50 + hens and we were able to let the kids hear them gobbling pretty close.  We then headed to Smithville lake dam and found one Common Loon near the dam for the kids to see.  Also, a pair of Baldpates on a pond as we traveled there.  Then off to Squaw.   Still lots of N.Shovelers and Am. Coots along with BW and GW teal, ruddy ducks, buffleheads, DC cormorants, and one pair of CANVASBACKS.  We did not see the Snowy Plovers seen recently.  We DID SEE  the  N.SHOVELER X BLUE-WINGED TEAL HYBRID again.  He was at the south end of Eagle pool, right before the screw gate, feeding in the smartweeds.  This is the exact same place he was last Saturday.  Mike Niles used his tripod this time and got some better pictures that he will send to those who requested them.  There were also White Pelicans and Great Egrets.  A lot of the west side is more flooded next to the road than in recent years and we are puzzled by the lack of Wood Ducks.  We only saw 3 or 4 total.  

At Bob Brown, we had to travel fairly fast as one of the students needed to get back to Kearney in time for work.  Looked like a lot of habitat for waterfowl and lots for shorebirds.  We did not see any  plovers but did see a pair of EARED GREBES, a Great Egret, about 50 White Pelicans.  

We had a total of 60 species and it was a nice day, just a little windy.  

Have a great rest of the weekend, 

Terry L. Miller
Kearney HS
Clay Co., MO
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