Finally out and about after a bout with a really bad bug--but not yet  
ready to share my air space with innocents.
Went to Eagle Bluffs CA, Boone Co., this afternoon.

The female Black-necked Stilt is still in Pool 10, but further along  
the connector road toward the eagle nest than reported earlier (I  
checked my records and noted the last BNST I saw at Eagle Bluffs was  
a female in Pool 15 on April 24, 2006.  Got to share the one today  
with Andy Forbes, a state bird for him.

One Dunlin, one Semipalmated Sandpiper (spotted by Andy), two Baird's  
Sandpipers (seen by Andy, but not me) and several Pectoral  
Sandpipers, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, all in Pool 10.

20 American White Pelicans, nearly 40 Double-crested Cormorants, 3  
Great Egrets, 1 of the many Great Blue Herons was gulping a foot-long  

Ducks were dominated by Blue-winged Teal and shovelers.  Lingerers  
included one Canvasback and 3 Ring-necked Ducks.

Two adult Bald Eagles were on tree near nest tree.

American Coots were everywhere.  Sometimes I feel guilty when I  
frighten them into their pattering escape--but it's such a great sound!

Notable absence today: Red-tailed Hawk.

Totals on CACHE later.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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