Greetings MOBirders:

I pasted in a message from TEXBIRDS listserve regarding Sabal Palms; hope
this helps (see below).

We enjoyed an early spring day this past Saturday here in Grand Rapids, MN
(my wife and I formerly lived in Columbia). Highs in the low 50s and ~50
common redpolls at our feeder, along with purple finches, etc. Spring is
slow to arrive here in the northwoods but we've had sure signs that it would
arrive soon. Migrants have slowly made their way north; we found a song
sparrow and flushed a woodcock; even robins are singing. BUT we got blasted
by a winter storm that dumped 20 inches of snow over the past 24 hours.
Funny how this spring is like no other I've experienced before. Trees won't
leaf out until early May; hmmmph.

Wes Bailey
Grand Rapids, MN

*Subject: Re: Question re: Sabal Palm Audubon Center BORDER WALL MAP FOR THE
From: Wayne Bartholomew <fronteraaudubon AT YAHOO.COM>
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 19:22:59 -0700

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 Sabal Palm Grove will not be cleared off but for specifc information as it
relates to Sabal Palms I recommend you call Jimmy Paz (956) 541-8034 or Texas
Audubon (214) 370-9735.

 FOR A MAP: Go to under Defenders News click on the story
entitled "Defenders and Sierra Club Petition the Supreme Court. To the right of
that article their is a column "Related Information." Scroll all the way down
that column and click on "Map of the Proposed Wall" alternatively go
to to
download the
maps published within that document. The maps are good and I've actually have
used them in the field while examinging the relationship between certain Refuge
tracts and the Wall.

 For you information folks the wall segments in most if not all of Hidalgo
County are staked and flagged and have been for some time.

  Wayne Bartholomew
  Frontera Audubon

Terri Wegner  wrote:
  ---> Texbird help file <---

I've been reading on texbirds about the possibility of Sabal Palm Grove
Sanctuary being cleared and/or blocked off for a border fence, and it makes
my blood boil. I went to both National and Texas Audubon websites to find
some sort of "Action Alert" for saving this sanctuary. Maybe I missed it,
but found nothing. What is Audubon doing to protect it's own sanctuary and
other areas along the border from being cleared and/or blocked from the
public? A lot of people give a lot of money to these organizations. Where
are the newspaper headlines about specific Texas birding locations that will
be affected?

Terri W.
Fort Worth, TX

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