At one time, Eagle Optics charged a 15% restocking fee if you tried optics 
out and returned them. However, they waived the fee if you bought something 
of equal or greater price than the item you returned. In effect, there was 
no fee so long as you bought.* If you think there is a substantial 
possibility that you may choose not to buy anything, you should clarify the 
restocking fee policy before having Eagle send you something on trial.

ABA Sales, whose discounts for members are usually not quite as good as 
Eagle's, also allows trials and returns, and there may be no restocking fee. 
Once again, I suggest that you clarify by phone before ordering.

In either case, you will pay shipping both ways.

* Eagle did make an exception for me in the case of a product -- Bushnell 8 
x 43 Elites -- which at the time was so new they had no experience with it. 
The Eagle salesman invited me to try the new product out without without 
worrying about the restocking fee. Bushnell used to make the Bausch & Lomb 8 
x 42s, but evidently sold the Bausch & Lomb name with one or two of its 
other divisions. It touted the new Bushnell elite as the quivalent of the 
old B & L elite, only six ounces lighter. When I compared the new Bushnell 
elite to my B & L 8 x 42 elite, I discovered that, while it is indeed 
marvelously light and wonderful in the hand, the resolution was noticeably 
inferior. The Eagle salesman said, "I'm not surprised," and gladly took them 

Bob Fisher
Independence, Missouri
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