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David I always picture you in a context of sylvan beauty -- your message proves I am correct, even to your family of origin! If you don't understand why I say that, if you made one visit to any of the boroughs of New York city my meaning would become perfectly clear. Cheers! Diana
Well, there's certainly big contrasts environmentally - right here although exquisite Lakeland valleys lie just around the corner  we also cower in the sinister shadow of a vast and deadly radioactive dump [Sellafield] beside an ocean and shore polluted for eternity by its invisible but deadly discharges. As Seamus Heaney once put it:-

Beyond Windscale and Moyle

That sank in the North Channel

Now nuclear poisons

re-anglicize a sea


that is yours and mine as well

our saint-crossed whitecapped, scousecursed

swan-road and path of exile

become a dump for waste………