This is lovely, indeed --- the use of memory / For liberation ---
not less of love but expanding / Of love beyond desire ---
To become renewed, transfigured, in another pattern.
'Little Gidding' (III) is wholly significant in the present context.

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The spiritual iris.
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What do you think of "Thus the love of country begins as an attachment to our own field of action" and "detachement from self and from things and from persons" ?  Lovely ideas, lovely isn't it....

This is what I link to transformative imagination


Laura Close
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Ahem. It was in large part the gay clergy who protected the pedophiles, who actually interfered with the children. Other than that, what's not to like about a pontiff who chooses to celebrate his birthday with the Special Education child from Yale? Qualms about the retardate-in-chief and his Iraqi genocide?

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