Dear Robert and Nancy,

a truly prophetic statement, written in 1939 --  considering that 70  
years later the damage the next generation has to pay  due to  
"unregulated industrialism and exhaustion of natural resources" is so  
clearly foreseeable...

I wonder if the possible next American vice president Al Gore knows  
these lines...


Am 23.04.2008 um 00:55 schrieb Nancy Gish:

> Dear Diana,
> I agree it is one of his finest moments--and he did have many.  I  
> don't share the view that it cancels the very bad moments, but we  
> are all a strange mix.  He is human and mixed and often deeply  
> wrong.  But this is great.
> Nancy
>>>> Diana Manister <[log in to unmask]> 4/22/2008 6:43 PM >>>
> When I read this statement by Eliot it cancelled out the  
> disappointment I felt after reading his Bolo verses. It's one of  
> his finest moments. Diana
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>> Subject: Re: Earth Day (not at all 'Off Topic'!)
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>> Thanks for sending this, both because it is actually about Eliot  
>> and because it raises the increasingly important question of  
>> religious responses to the earth.  Significantly, many  
>> evangelicals now support greater focus on the need to act as  
>> stewards of creation.
>> Nancy
>>>>> robert meyer <[log in to unmask]> 4/22/2008 4:32 PM >>>
>> "We are being made aware that the organization of society on the  
>> principle
>> of private profit... is leading both to the deformation of  
>> humanity by
>> unregulated industrialism, and to the exhaustion of natural  
>> resources, and
>> that a good deal of our material progress is a progress for which
>> succeeding generations may have to pay dearly....  [A] wrong attitude
>> towards nature... implies a wrong attitude towards God, and that the
>> consequence is an inevitable doom.  For a long time we have  
>> believed in
>> nothing but the values arising in a mechanized, commercialized,  
>> urbanized
>> way of life: it would be as well for us to face the permanent  
>> conditions
>> upon which God allows us to live upon this planet."
>> TS Eliot, 1939
>> from: "The Idea of a Christian Society"
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