Call for Papers, Modernism and Global Media

Modernist Studies Association Conference,

November 13-16, 2008, Nashville/TN

Panel on

*Transmediality: Aesthetics, Ideas, Paradigms*

* *

In recent years, media studies, narratology, art history, and philosophy
discovered the significance of transmediality as a conceptual tool to
describe mutual influences of medial formats. While intermediality usually
focuses on the *products* of connections between media, transmediality
refers to an open, multi-directional *process*. The display of this process
exposes the original media in moments of transformation and evokes new
aesthetic constellations. As opposed to intermedial works of art, which
often hide their medial nature and present themselves as an 'immediate'
reality, transmedial aesthetics generate self-reflection.

This panel will focus on medial relations in 20th/21st century literature
and art that lead to new aesthetic results by displaying their mediality.
Papers will discuss the typology of medial interactions and help to
differentiate between the competing and complementing notions of, for
example, transmediality, intermediality, remediation, and adaptation. In
accordance with the panel's subject, presentations will be committed to an
interdisciplinary approach and seek to emphasize *processes* between
different media (including 'traditional' media such as texts, movies,
photos, paintings, and music, as well as less conventional media, like the
human body, actions, cloth, food, trash, etc. as they act as medial
"material" of artistic creation).

Possible topics include:

- Processes between texts and photographs

- Processes between texts and a) movies; b) architecture; c) music; d)
paintings; etc.

- Concrete and visual poetry; poetry/texts and fine arts

- Environments and installations

- Collage as a genre

- Performance Art and Performing Arts

- Public space and art; cities as artworks

- Narratology: the remediation of stories

- Digital art and digital literature

- Avant-garde- and neo-avant-garde movements

- Individual painters, directors, composers, and writers, for example H.
H÷ch, G. Richter, A. Kluge, W. Allen, J. Cage, W.G. Sebald, R.D. Brinkmann,
E. Williams, W. Burroughs, Nam June Paik, M. AbramowiŠ etc....

Please send your 250 word paper proposal to Christoph Zeller, Vanderbilt
University, [log in to unmask]

by May 1st, 2008