Dear MoBirders,

Sorry that this is an Off-Missouri Question... 

Michelle and I are planning a Trip to Ireland for our 10 Year Anniversary in 
September (Trip will be between Late August to Mid September) and would 
like to do a Little (or a Lot) Birding while we are there... We will be Renting a 
Car and Driving pretty much the whole of the Country, so Anywhere is an 
Option as far as Locations to Bird, do you Guys have Any Suggestions...??? 
Any Books that I should Definitely Purchase to Help in my Irish Bird 
Identification Studies...??? We may also make a few Short Trips into Scotland, 
England, Wales and possibly a few of the Islands - Any Suggestions here as 
well...??? I would like to See as Many Birds as possible, and still Give Michelle 
the Best Trip of her Life (she also wants to go Birding, but not Quite as 
Intensely as I would Like to...), so I will have to make Every Second of Birding 
Count!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

I am going to Sign-on to the Irish Bird Network and Ask for Help/Suggestions 
there as well, but I figured that there were a few of you out there who had 
Birded the Emerald Isle before, so thought that I'd Ask you also...

Thank You for Any and All Suggestions, they will Most Certainly be 
Appreciated!!! Please Take Care.

Jonathan B. Pons
Boonville, Cooper County

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