For those of you snow bound, or others that might want to do some armchair
tropical birding and not wonder if tax dollars paid for the trip, I am
sending the links and synopsis of a trip that Susan Eaton, my mother (Joan)
and I took February of 2007 with Massachusetts Audubon.


The trip started by flying in to Belize City and traveling by coach bus to
La Milpa in the Orange Walk District.  We spent 2 nights at La Milpa
Archeological and Nature Preserve ( ) in
Northwest Belize.  We birded the mostly un-restored ruins there and did
night time birding by bumpy pickup truck.  When then bussed to Lamanai and
spent a night at Lamanai Outpost Lodge
( about 30 miles
south of La Milpa.  We took a boat ride on the New River Lagoon that
evening.  Then we flew to Flores, Guatemala and took a bus to Tikal National
Park ( ) where we spent 2 more
nights.  After that, it was back to Belize spending the last three nights at
Pelican Beach Resort ( in the
town of Dangriga.  We snorkeled on the barrier reef the last full day.  It
was a combo birding and natural history tour, so we saw the Mayan ruins and
temples at La Milpa, Lamanai and Tikal.  Tikal is really impressive, as it
is a huge site and a lot has been reclaimed from the jungle and restored.


Here is the link to my pictures:


And the link to Susan's pictures:



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