FYI to the St. Louis birders.....if anyone is birding these days......
and to those that might be birding at Carlyle Lake after the roads are 
BRANT is a pretty important bird to see around here.

In the Backyard:
Quite a bit of snow here in Ballwin....think 8-9" (+? more likely) . It 
finally stopped to a trickle now.
Feeder frenzy, robins and juncos trying to eat from the suet and seed 
blocks, birds beating up on one another to get to the seed,  dogs and cats 
living together.....just general chaos.

SAFE travels and birding,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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Subject: IBET "Black Brant" at Carlyle Lake? (Second hand news...)

I regret that I forgot to mention earlier what might be a tantalizing bit of 
info. While I was
looking for gulls at the West Access Marina on Saturday, I spoke to a 
fisherman who told me
that "three days ago" there had been a pair of "Black Brant" there. I didn't 
quiz him as to how
he ID'ed them as 'Black' Brant as opposed to any other subspecies, but he 
said he did a lot of
hunting and he obviously realized that the species was very unusual in 
Illinois. He then
mentioned that he had been hunting "yesterday' and that the brant had flown 
in, and that he
had been tempted to shoot them, but didn't. For what it is worth, there 
might be some Brant
in the area (among the many thousands of other geese...) if anyone is 
interested in following
up slim leads...

Jim Mountjoy
Galesburg IL

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