Ran across a couple of FOY birds today: Horned Grebe at Lake 33, Busch Conservation; Redhead (8) and American Coot (first for MO-about 38 birds) at Riverlands.  
A couple of swans, noted earlier in the season, were in Teal Pond, passing through on the north bound leg (49A and 06A, with their cygnets).  99U has what appears to be an injured wing and did not depart with its siblings/family.

Big increase in Killdeer.  Had one flyby bird that surprised me (out over the river) and I thought to myself  'Tree Swallow', but the lapse between the subconscious thought and the conscious attempt to track the bird meant I lost it.  Don't know if it was a correct ID or not.  Had Trees Swallows last year at Ted Shanks on March 3.  

Dave Rogles
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St. Charles Co.

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