This is the first year in many in which I have not seen a Robin in 
Independence early in January. Indeed, I saw my FOY Robin today! Now, 
suddenly they are all over the place -- all males.

In a usual year, the Robins I see in January are not far from berry bushes. 
By February, they show up on lawns here and there, probably because the 
berries have been eaten and they start to move around.

My hypothesis is that last spring's late freeze killed all the berries in 
the parts of Independence where a few Robins of both sexes usually 

When there are lots of Robins around, and they are all males, they must be 

I assume that I did not see wintering birds in February because there has 
been no berry-lingering population to disperse.

BTW, I'm sick of this cold weather. I hope the Robins that arrived today 
know something!

Bob Fisher
Independence, Missouri
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