I spent a great morning at Eagle Bluffs.

HDQTs site yielded 13 species including 3 Fox sparrows and 1 White-crowned sparrow with the rufous brown head stripes, plain breast and pinkish-orange bill.  And just to the west of the office was an Eastern Phoebe FOY.

Eagle Bluffs: 12species ducks:  esp noted a pair of Black Ducks in Distribution channel and Wood Ducks FOY in Pool 2.  1 Blue/Snow goose distribution channel.
Pied-billed Grebe FOY.
4 Hawk Species including Red-shouldered 
Eastern screech owl along river road.
3 sparrow species--Song,Savannah, American Tree
2Shorebird Species---Least and Pectoral plus Common Snipe
47 Total counting the Usuals.

And on a personal note:  Wish all my tax money could go to Brad Jacobs.  His most recent work in Central America will in the future guarantee that we will still locally find those birds that winter in that region. His personal resume alone with the books he has authoured and all the attention he has paid to organizations and individuals certainly makes him one of the Mo Dept of Consevation most valued employees.In addition,  
we will never find a professional ornithologist  who is so kind and forbearing with all us amateurs he does encounter. He is never an elitist in his profession.  He enjoys birds just as we all do.

Anne Downing
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