The above link will give access to the recent radio programme about this , including Larkin reading two recently discovered poems.

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  Hull academics are eagerly examining letters written by Philip Larkin - once the university's librarian.

  Tuesday March 11, 2008
  The Guardian 

  A charcoal drawing of Philip Larkin hangs on a wall in his former place of employment, the Brynmor Jones library at Hull University. Is there a hint or disapproval behind those impenetrable spectacles? Or would the poet be quietly amused to know that academics are still poring over his prolific output of letters? 
  "He knew whatever he wrote would be worth reading," says Professor James Booth, head of English at Hull, who is evidently relishing the prospect of rooting through the latest batch of Larkin letters to emerge from obscurity. About 2,000 were recently deposited at the university's archive by his niece, Rosemary Parry. "They form probably the last major set, and should help us to gain a fuller picture of the poet," says archivist Judy Burg.,,2264141,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=10

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