Rick, since the events in the movie are indeterminate with regard to whether they are being remembered or actually happened, the game's winner may have actually lost; his memory may be playing tricks, as memory is wont to do! There could then be, in the movie composed as a postmodern hall of mirrors, two winners! Diana
> I should have responded earlier but better late than never (maybe).
> Diana Manister wrote (Wed, 20 Feb 2008):
> >
> > Gunnar, I've seen Marienbad many times, but not for a long while.
> ...
> > Also the card game in the clip. Someone must lose.
> It has been ages since I've seen the movie too but I think you are
> talking about the game of cards where each of two players picks up
> cards in turn until there is only one.
> Yes, one person must lose but if you go first and know how to move
> you will always be the winner. If the other player goes first but
> doesn't know the moves then the chances are that you will win.
> See the Wikipedia article on Nim (though there probably are clearer
> explanations on the web about the winning strategy.)
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nim
> Regards,
> Rick Parker

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