I think he may have made a mistake in the form of the course (which I do not know), but the need for the course is extreme.  The problem with many versions of it that I can see is that it does not teach students what they need to know.  But it can be a course of great importance and value, and apparently increasingly it is the only place students at least have a chance to learn anything about writing since they seem to arrive at college with no background whatever.

P.S.  I've begun to wonder if there is any interest on this list for any discussion of Eliot--real discussion of what and how he wrote.

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Marcia Karp wrote:
> What is it, Carrol?
> Marcia

Freshman Comp. The Harvard professor who created the first such course
spent the last years of his career regretting it.

See Leonard Greenbaum, "The Tradition of Complaint," College English 31
(1969), 174-178+183-187. See especially first full paragraph on p. 175.

I should have said "English A" rather than "English 1."