AND now a one-line neat equivalence :
//He laughed with the irresponsibility of a foetus.//
Ha-ha !!!  Hope I've done it :)

Chokh Raj <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Dear List,
I'll have another go at it -- even if it cancels out my previous
Mr Apollinax's laughter ("He laughed") here is just his own
and in no way of any foetus. It's the irresponsible nature of
this laughter that has been likened to a foetus which is, in fact,
"not responsible" for any of its actions.
Now read please : "He laughed like an irresponsible foetus".

Chokh Raj <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Diana, the observations you've made so far are quite apropos.
Nevertheless, I hope, your initial objection to an irresponsible foetus is over. 
As for the image of a foetus laughing, one will have to concede that it is plain
absurd, even if quite fanciful -- but not quite as reprehensible.
Presumably, the poet might have been struck by a foetal look on the face of
Mr Apollinax (BR) laughing irresponsibly ;-)   The image has no literal validity

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//Peter, yes babies in bottles were around in Eliot's day, but I doubt very much if any of them would be laughing, irresponsibly or not.// Diana

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