An Urdu Ghazal : pagal dil mera (this mad heart of mine)
Here's an Urdu ghazal from the orient that sums up the notion of madness in question here. I wish someone could translate it into English for the delectation and delight of the
western audience -- maybe my colleage from Panjab University in India, Swaran, can do it for us -- he's a rather quiet lister here.
Here're the lyric's words:
And now listen to this "madness" singing -- it's the singer's discourse
with "madness":
Translated into my crude English, the first two lines say:
This heart, this raving mad heart of mine, why was it put out ?
In this world, there was a city -- what happened to that, O madness ?
Lovers of Urdu Ghazal in the orient chant these lines -- so poignant,
they stir them to the depths of their souls, so to say.

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