the holiday commemorates resurrection
Vintage Easter greeting card detail. (Corbis)
bunnies and eggs
In the headlong rush that seems to be 2008, "Easter" comes next Sunday, March 23.
The last time the bunny came hippity-hopping on March 23 was back in 1913.
Chocolate bunnies
the all-important fertile egg
flowers, especially lilies
The Ultimate Easter Eggs
The Christian adoption of fertility symbols such as eggs and rabbits
would seem to lend support to a fertility goddess's name
as the root word of Easter.
in 'A Cooking Egg'
at the age of thirty,
three years after his marriage,
the poet likens himself to a cooking egg,
i.e. an egg which has become stale,
precluding the possibility of hatching into a new life,
so that it can only be used to appease hunger.
To the poet, it seems to represent
his present state of debasement.
It indicates to him the loss
of his childhood world
of Edenic innocence,
'the penny world',
"perpetually lost and perpetually sought for",
as also the loss of hope of spiritual regeneration.
That's an old story, though.

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