I shall ask poetry -- or conscience, for that matter -- what color it is. 

Charles McElwain <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
  A highly ambiguous and dubious feature, //admirable only relative to 
supporting the left against the right.//

I say this given that the October Revolution was the Bolshevik (i.e., 
"Minority", Revolution, as opposed to the February Revolution)... As 
of late 1921, Keller was still a supporter of Soviet Russia ( 
), when the libertarian socialist left (e.g., Emma Goldman), had 
already renounced the October Revolution. (At least, those of the 
libertarian socialist left who were still alive, after the 
suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion in March of 1921.)

Whatever the promise of the events of 1917 (February or October), 
those who were paying attention knew that promise was dead by early 
1921; those who were blinded by submission to the Party continued 
the prosecution of the libertarian socialist left through the Spanish 
Civil War, the Nazi/Soviet "Non-Aggression Pact "of 1939, and even 

Curious that this somewhat OT post appeared (March 8th) almost 
coincident with the anniversary of the Trotsky-ordered beginning of 
the bombardment of Kronstadt, on March 7th, 1921...


At 9:56 AM -0600 3/8/08, Carrol Cox wrote:
>She was also a supporter of the October R$volution. Perhaps her most
>admirable feature.

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