I haven't received any of your TSE posts -- I only learn of them when
someone replies to them and they happen to be there too -- as in this
case. I just wondered where you were -- I felt so lost.
Yes, I now read Pound's two-line poem from the spiritual angle -- it
makes great sense -- a sort of sudden enlightenment -- an epiphany
as Peter points out -- only a "Peter" could have !!! 
Well, be there for me -- or I pan out .  Many thanks.

Peter Montgomery <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
What is the effect if one changes "apparition" to "epiphany"?
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Dear CR: I just read something about Pound's flirtation with spiritualism around the time he wrote this two-liner. The author, whose name I can't recall now, said that "apparition" was the operative word in the poem. Diana

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