Whatever is this about?  I only meant "receives the email" because the query was long ago.  And the line "in the ordinary sense" is Eliot's.  So what is the  matter?

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    While trying to find the line about the rhythmical grumbling, I chanced on another instead--the line about distracting the reader that was queried earlier:

"The chief use of //the 'meaning' of a poem, in the ordinary sense//, may be (for here again I am speaking of some kinds of poetry and not all) to satisfy one habit of the reader, to keep his mind diverted and quiet, while the poem does its work upon him: much as the imaginary burglar is always provided with a bit of nice meat for the house-dog."

It is in the conclusion to THE USE OF POETRY AND THE USE OF CRITICISM (1933;London: Faber and Faber, 1964), 151.

//I hope whoever was looking for it gets this.// 
  Of course, those who look for it "in the ordinary sense" get this, and this only.    

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