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I'm really not sure.  One would think it would encourage critics to write if they could quote, but they do anyway.  The restrictions on use of material at least seem to maintain a control over it.  Only specific scholars Valerie allows see the mass of unpublished material.  But there is a great deal, and Ron Schuchard will be editing a lot of it.  So there will be a continuing flow of new text to consider at some point.  

I think a key reason Eliot retains his appeal is that we keep learning more about him and his writing so that we have to keep rethinking it in new cultural contexts.

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Rick, I've bookmarked all those sites to which you provided links. A wonderful resource! Thanks so much!
Nancy, can you speculate as to why the costs for TSE material are so high? Is it to discourage use? Or make money for the estate?
Diana> Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:08:59 -0500> From: [log in to unmask]> Subject: Re: Copyright and TWL> To: [log in to unmask]> > "Rickard A. Parker" wrote:> > > > Cornell University has a great website on copyright at> >> > In particular look at this page. It has the dates:> >> > > The copyright posts recently reminded me that I sent an email to the> copyright infringement email address at a website saying that> something they had up was, indeed, a copyright infringement. This was> just an attempt to get them to do something before the real copyright> owner found out about the "theft." I haven't heard back and the site> still has the offending material. I'm going to email again and put> the fear of God in them (or at least get them thinking how much nicer> $150,000 would be in their OWN pocket.) So I did an internet search> and came up with a couple of pages that have the necessary scary> material. I thought that it might interest a few TSE listers too.> > I never ran into or heard of the FairUseNetwork website before but a> quick look shows that it might be very nice. There is also the> copyright office website. These all deal with U.S. law of course.> >> >> COPYRIGHT CORNER> Increased penalties of up to five years imprisonment and $250000 in> fines were available only if the infringement involved reproduction or> distribution of ...> >> Fair Use Network: Copyright 101 - InfringementPenalties for Infringement.> If a use is found to be a copyright infringement, the court may order> any one of a number of possible "remedies" for the ...> > Regards,> Rick Parker
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