Dear CR,

"Delete" assumes one has already taken the time to see what you or anyone else has written.  I am interested in any poetic insights you have, but I have the Complete Poems--no one would be on this list if they did not--and can see what they are about. So I do think it requires a good deal of explaining.

I see no reason at all why the subject line cannot note, as a courtesy, that this is simply a quotation from Eliot--then I will certainly delete in each case.  I open it to see what you have to say and find that it is not, in fact, anything from you.  It is not a comment simply to put quotes in, and I would say we all know equally well that many lines from Eliot can evoke Easter or any other religious holiday.

I am sorry, but I think that unless I just delete any post from you I am put in the quite unnecessary position of constantly wasting time opening messages to see lines I know and we all know.  I do not think it appropriate to create that situation.
As I said, some of us on university servers have limits on space (not to say also time). 

Retyping of Eliot is not really a poetic insight--vacuous, brilliant, or simply interesting, or anything else.  If I open a post from you, I assume it will be something you have to say.  What on earth would be a problem about listing "quotation" in the subject line as a simple courtesy to others?

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Thanks, Ken.
  I don't think it needs explaining, Nancy.  The "prefatory" line does it rather amply -- and the quotes reflect on each other to highlight the point hinted -- even if not accompanied by a comment. 
  And sometimes the quotations by themselves are apropos to an occasion -- to Easter recently, for instance -- as well as to the poet's beliefs even if they are
  in an incipient state.
  But if there are some who cannot make the connection, or see no point in a post, there's always the "delete" option.
  I hope the T.S. Eliot Discussion Forum permits one to put across one's poetic insights, howsoever vacuous they might seem.  

Chokh Raj <[log in to unmask]> had written :    The hint half guessed, the gift half understood, is [Poetry].
  I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
  Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
  When the wind blows the water white and black.
  Here are the years that walk between, bearing
Away the fiddles and the flutes, restoring
One who moves in the time between sleep and waking, wearing

White light folded, sheathing about her, folded.
  But when I look ahead up the white road
  There is always another one walking beside you ...
By a grace of sense, a white light still and moving,
Erhebung without motion, concentration
Without elimination

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