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Women in German Conference, October 23-26 2008, Snowbird, Utah 

CFP "Post-Wall Border Crossings: Ex-GDR Perspectives on the World"  

Angela Krauß, the guest author at the 2008 WiG conference, started her career as a writer in the GDR and remains a prolific German author today.  While her earlier, East German work often addresses aspects of life in the GDR, her later texts engage with the experience of the political and social changes of the Wende, but also with the experience of travel to familiar places in Eastern Europe as well as the encounter with only recently accessible places in the West.  Her Frankfurt lectures on poetics furthermore address the intersections of writing and creativity.  

For the guest-related panel "Post-Wall Border Crossings" we seek contributions that address themes of travel in the literature or films of authors with an East German background.  Papers could address the work of Angela Krauß directly, or engage with the works of other authors and post-wall East German experiences of travel more generally.  While some East Germans have described German unification as the arrival of a new country at their doorstep rather than the encounter with a new country away from home, travel remains an important aspect of the post-Communist East German experience.  The encounter with new places and cultures, revisiting familiar places, as well as temporary displacement from home enable a wide range of reflections on the old GDR as well as on post-wall German identities.  

Contributions to this panel could address, but are not limited to: 
•the role of travel, place and displacement in the work of ex-GDR authors, 
•ex-GDR engagements with or critiques of the tradition of travel literature,
•the (re)assessment of GDR values, especially East German feminisms and gender roles, through the experience of travel, 
•the shift from Communist notions of internationalisms to post-Wende notions of transnationalisms and globalization, 
•the role of the writer and public intellectual in post-Communist Germany and abroad,  
•GDR diasporas.  

Please send abstracts by March 15 to both panel organizers: 

Kai Herklotz: kherklot[at] 
Ulrike Brisson: ubrisson[at] 

Kai Herklotz
Visiting Assistant Professor of German 
Department of German and Russian
Carleton College 

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