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Call for Submissions for a Special Theme Issue of Seminar
Questioning the RAF: The Politics of Culture
In the last ten years, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of artistic and literary works dealing with the Red Army Faction. The controversial exhibition at the KunstWerke in Berlin in 2005 brought many of these works together and also gave rise to a number to highly charged and ideologically divisive debates about the RAF and its afterlife.
Along with the rise in artistic productions in the arts, film, and literature, there has also been a rise in academic production in connection with the RAF. There have been RAF panels at the MLA and the GSA and conferences devoted to the RAF were held in England and at Harvard. Scholars have begun to examine the representations of the RAF and the militant left while reflecting on such issues as radicalism, nationalism, counter-culture, and political violence. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the function of the myriad of narratives about the RAF within the context of contemporary German society.
This special issue of Seminar seeks to bring together contributions on various aspects of the current debates. Contributions are sought that reflect on a variety of discourses about the RAF including in literature, film, art, public debates, scholarly discourses, and the media. Aiming to establish an international and interdisciplinary dialogue, this special issue invites contributions from a broad spectrum of disciplines.
Colleagues are invited to submit papers for anonymous peer review.
Please direct submissions or inquiries to the guest editor. Send abstracts (250 words) no later than  June 31. Completed essays will be due 31 December 2008:
Karin Bauer, Guest Editor
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