Call for Papers
German Studies Association 32nd Annual Convention

October 2-5, 2008
St. Paul, MN

"Kleist: The End  1800."
The year 1800 marked not only the end of a century, but also the beginning of a critical 
investigation of the concept of "the end." The work of Heinrich von Kleist specifically 
challenges traditional conceptions of the end and rethinks its semantic implications for
a diverse group of fields, e.g. narrative, law, history, epistemology, aesthetics, military 
strategy, statistics. Responding to the shifting grounds of the historical and intellectual 
environment of the new century, Kleist's work might be seen as an index and as an 
example: on the one hand an entryway into a much larger set of cultural practices, on 
the other a reflection and refraction of the discourses of his time. 
We welcome proposals with an interdisciplinary perspective that address the concept 
of the end in various discourses around 1800 and consider the specifically Kleistian
framing of it.
Please send 300 word abstracts and a short bio by Feb. 12, 2008 to both Oliver Simons 
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