Call for papers: Writing (on) Skin

Women in German Conference, October 23-26 2008 Snowbird, Utah

This panel seeks to explore how skin as an intersection between body and text is articulated and represented in German literature, film, art and culture. What happens when the impermeable boundary separating our body from the exterior is transgressed or becomes permeable, what when we in turn transgress it with respect to others? What types of encounters with skin – colonial, erotic, violent – have shaped the German literary imagination? In what ways is skin gendered and constitutive of a body politics? How has skin been “written” in periods that concealed rather than revealed it? How is skin literally used as a surface for writing? We welcome contributions that trace the construction – or deconstruction – of skin as a boundary, an interface between the self and the other or between cultures, or as a canvas for texts of all kinds.

Proposal topics could include but are not limited to:
•	skin as a gendered surface
•	skin as an ethnic marker
•	body modifications, tattoos, projections
•	encounters with skin during German colonialism
•	skins and scalps – the German obsession with the American West
•	animal skins 
•	manuscripts and text on skins
•	skin in film or photography
•	eroticism, pornography
•	trauma and torture

Please send abstracts (300 words) and a CV or brief academic bio to both organizers by 3/31/2008.

Verena Kuzmany
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Marjanne Goozé
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