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ASECS and the CAA, and AHA -
Each year ASECS sponsors a scholar session at the annual meeting of
these societies.  Because ASECS is an interdisciplinary society, it
encourages its members to propose a session (panel, round table) on a
topic of broad scholarly interest and one that will have particular
resonance and appeal for the constituencies of the AHA (historians) and
CAA (art historians).  The deadline for submitting proposals to the
ASECS Office is MARCH 1.
Proposals should take into account the type of interdisciplinary work
encouraged by ASECS.
A submission form is available on the website at:  (NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE).
ISECS International Seminar for Junior Eighteenth Century Scholars
The International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ISECS) invites
applications from scholars in all fields of eighteenth-century studies
within the context of a one-week International Seminar for Junior
Eighteenth-Century Scholars. In 2008, the meeting will take place in
Pardubice (Czech Republic) and will be co-organized by the Czech
National Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies and the Faculty of Arts
of the University of Pardubice.
The seminar will be held from Monday the 8th  to Friday the 13th of
September 2008 in Pardubice, under the direction of Milena Lenderova
(University of Pardubice).
The theme proposed is Friendship, Conviviality, Hospitality. This may be
taken to refer to family networks and relationships within the couple
and between generations, subjects which have had new light shed upon
them in the past twenty years thanks to new research by anthropologists,
historians and demographers on the image of the family in the Eighteenth
Century. However, from the moment of birth to that of death,
intermediaries have never been lacking between the family and the rest
of society, be they people, practices, places of sociability or
institutions. Firstly the family knew how to delegate certain of its
roles: the use of wet nurses, for example, was democratised during the
Eighteenth Century. Other subjects of inquiry may include
apprenticeship, school, or the voyage of initiation and training
reserved for the privileged classes - the Grand Tour. All of these forms
of socialisation, from the most humble to the most prestigious, bring
into question the notions of friendship, conviviality and hospitality in
the Eighteenth Century.
Specific places of sociability such as the salon, the cafe, the inn or
even the learned academy, as well as the forms of writing to which these
places lent themselves, correspondance, personal diaries, travel
journals, may all be subjects of study.
Travel and hotel assistance will be provided (in part or in full) by the
organizers. Lunch will be served on site; the cost of evening meals is
covered by participants.
The seminar is limited to 15 participants. The proposals (approx. 2
pages, single-spaced) should be based on an original research project
(e.g. a doctoral dissertation) that deals with one of the aspects
mentioned above. Because this is a seminar rather than a conference,
each participant will be given approximately one hour to present the
texts and questions that will then form the basis of a group discussion.
Preference will be given to scholars who are at the beginning of their
academic career (PhD or equivalent for less than six years).
The official languages are French and English.
Applications should include the following information:
- a brief curriculum vitae with date of PhD (or equivalent)
- a list of principal publications and scholarly presentations
- a brief description of the proposed paper (approx. 2 pages, single-spaced)
- one letter of recommendation
The deadline for abstracts is March 28, 2008. Applications should be
sent either by mail or by e-mail to one of the following addresses:
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Milena Lenderova, Faculty of Arts, Univerzita Pardubice, Studentska 84,
53210 Pardubice 2, Czech Republic.

CALL FOR PAPERS - University Belfast, Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Ireland, Britain and the Americas: The International Book Trade in the
Long Eighteenth Century
21-23 August 2008
Proposals for papers or panels are invited on any or all aspects of the
book trade in the long eighteenth century (1680-1830). Papers are
particularly encouraged on the themes of material culture; the concepts
and constructions of readership and audience; issues such as authorship,
copyright, piracy, printing history, presses, design,  marketing, and
the international circulation of literature and music; also sources such
as books, newspapers, and journals. The programme will include sessions
on major figures such as Thomas Moore as well as one or more panels on
archival resources and collections.
The conference will open with a keynote lecture-recital by Professor
James Flannery (Emory), "Names upon the Harp: Thomas Moore, Irish song
and identity in modern Ireland", accompanied by harpist Cormac DeBarra.
A second keynote address will be presented by Professor James Raven
(University of Essex), "Classical transports and foreign bodies: the
importation of non-English texts into North America before 1820."
Deadline for proposals (250 words) 7 April 2008, to:
Dr Sarah McCleave
Lecturer, School of Music and Sonic Arts
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN
Northern Ireland
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