Dear List and Mr. Wade,

My most sincere apologies if you thought I was running
anyone through a maze, or practicing any politics at all.

My question was asked in the most sincere manner.

Killing House Sparrows to promote the safety of Bluebirds
has been a concern to me on both sides of the coin.

I was simply asking what the people on the group thought.

That someone would think I was making anyone jump
through hoops for my own amusement is so far a field
from my thoughts, it is unimaginable to me.

<< He was running you/us through a lab rat type
<<maze to determine if we were suitable for his
<<attention and active participation on Mobirds.

Factually, I am amazed and confounded that anyone
would assume what you have!

As a newbie (or not) on this list, I would never dream of
trying to make any sort of decision, that any of the list
members are “suitable for his (my) attention”!!!

You have made an incredibly incorrect assumption.

I cannot conceive how you came to your conclusion.

I would never even think of doing such a thing!

< We may have passed his first test, but pushin' political
hacks ain't doin' nobody no good.

A “test” – you have to be kidding!

A post FOLLOWING mine was the first ”political” association
and was, to me, obviously made “tongue-in-cheek”.

I did NOT write that!

I asked a legitimate question!

I have NO idea what you mean by “pushin’ political hacks”.

You, Sir, have my thanks, as YOU have proven my
point of treading the waters lightly when posting the
first time to a list.

Thanks also, to all of you who understood my
question and responded on, and off-list.

I will now go back to a “semi-lurking” status, and in
order to follow List Protocol and with respect to the
Moderator(s), I will not pursue, or discuss Mr. Wade’s
comments any further.

John Hitzeman
Troy, MO

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