I owe apologies to Mr. Hiteman and to Mobird readers.

First, Mr, Hiteman:
I did misconstrue your message.  My apologies for airing my  
interpretation of your message publicly.  Your high dudgeon was  
called for.  I deserve the invective motto of the Royal Order of the  
Garter, "Evil to him [or her] who evil thinks."

Now, Mobirders:
I apologize for subjecting you to my base assumptions.

Bob Fisher (not related to Julie, who also posts):
I appreciate your attempts at humor regarding the sparrow/bluebird  
issue.  Parts of your scenarios were, indeed, funny.  It's just that  
for many of us our sense of humor has some raw spots after 7 years of  
watching many things we value being eroded and disregarded.  Serving  
up as a viable candidate, Rudy, a man who didn't campaign in Iowa  
because it was too far west of the Hudson, is, however, hilarious--or  
is that Hillaryous?

And as to the origins (thought-wise) of this whole thing.  That  
nasty, villainous sparrow has been known for centuries to be evil  
personified.  We know it from a very old song:

Oh, the birds of the air fell a sighin' and a sobbin'
When they heard of the death of poor cock robin,
When they heard of the death of poor cock robin.

After the second verse in which the fly with its compound eye tells  
us it saw him die, the sparrow answers the question of "Who killed  
cock robin?" with the following:

"I," said the sparrow, "with my little bow and arrow,
"I killed cock robin!"

Ahh, perfidy!  Obviously, the Queen of Hearts was seeking the wrong  
target as she ranted, "Off with his head..."

Virtuously chastised, verily chagrined, but vigorously grinning,

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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